EBCU:n Beer-o-meter vaalikone



Which European Parliament Candidate supports a stronger beer culture?

Check the EBCU Beer-o-meter

Interested to learn which candidate for the European Parliament supports a vibrant and
diverse beer culture in Europe? The EBCU Beer-o-meter election poll shows you just that.

Check it out on http://beer-o-meter.ebcu.org/, and make up your mind whom to vote for.

The European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU), “The Voice of the European Beer
Consumer”, has conducted an election poll among candidates for the European Parliament
to learn their view on the consumption of beer and beer culture in Europe. Consumers can
compare their views with participating candidates from nine different countries.

“The European beer market is evolving rapidly”, says Henri Reuchlin, Chairman of EBCU.
“We see many new breweries starting up, also in countries not typically associated with beer.
Other countries celebrate their newly re-found beer traditions. The diversity in beer styles
across the continent is a great asset, which should be supported. Beer consumers should
have the chance to taste some local variety – even at tied bars.”

Furthermore, consumers should have the right to know what is in the bottle and who brewed
the beer. “After all, what is more intimate than the food and drink we swallow to nourish
ourselves?” continues Reuchlin. ”Finally, keep the price of a pint at acceptable levels. No
over taxation or super profits for breweries please. Why should beer drinkers across Europe
be singled out for additional taxation?”

It is the first time that EBCU has conducted the Beer-o-meter, completely built on voluntary
work. “It shows what a enthusiasm can be created when consumers from several countries
combine their effort for a common goal: a diverse an vibrant beer culture. Unfortunately, this
enthusiasm is not yet shared by the majority of the European candidates. Roughly 12% of
the candidates invited took the time to answer the poll. We would like to thank the ones that
took the effort.” concludes Reuchlin.

The European Beer Consumers Union is a federation of thirteen independent national beer
consumer organisations across Europe, with a combined membership of over 220,000
members, representing the views and interests of beer consumers across Europe. “Beer is
the only foodstuff that I’m aware of, that has a dedicated consumer organisation on a
European level. There is no such council of chocolate eaters or society of whisky sniffers.
That should tell you something. Beer is a product to be passionate about,” concludes

Den Haag, May 16, 2014